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Henan TX Crane Co., Ltd. located in Chinese biggest Crane Park. We are a professional manufacturer on Crane and Parts. Sophisticated equipment, Skill workers, Impeccable management and strictly quality control system make sure the high quality of our products, Further more, we offer professional service from our engineers team to sales team. That’s why our products are hottest in the domestic and aboard market.
Our products including Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane, Portal Crane, European standard Crane, Hoist and Crane accessory. Our engineers department have many experienced engineers which could offer best design according to your environment and usage. So, TX CRANE offer all kinds products and service to meet all kinds demands.
We only choose the top supplier, we cooperate with NGP, Tailong, SEW, Flender, Siemens, Chint, Jiaozuo Brake, Schneider, ABB and Yaskawa and so on. All of them are top brand from From China and oversea. From mechanical parts to Electrical parts, we offer the Multiple choice.
Till now, our products have been exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, UAE, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam and so on. More than 30coutries customer choose us, what’s your choice?
Why Choose TX CRANE
1. We have strictly Quality Management System, With Certificate ISO9001:2015
2. For the steel plate, cable, wirerope, motor, gearbox, brake and electric parts, all the material and parts’supplier are top brand.
3. Experience R&D team make sure we could offer best design, and skilled workers assist by professional and advanced equipment make sure the assembly and welding at good quality.
4. QC team with professional detective device to ensure every good at high quality.
5. Advance equipment, such as: Welding robot, Shot-blasting machine
1. Packing and shipping: We will offer good and suitable packing to protect the goods for long-distance transportation.
2. We have cooperation with factories at some local market to save the cost and offer timely service.
3. We offer spare parts at free for all of our products. Free installation guidance and turn-key project is optional.Floor Mounted Jib Crane price
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